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Completed for a client who was moving from his former residence to a new house more suited to his current needs, this project holds a special place in our hearts. Blending new furnishings, finishes, and artwork from local artists with the best of his existing library and collections, reframing and repositioning large works of art, and creating gallery walls to capture and display his family legacy, we infused a sense of legacy and familiarity into the interiors. 

 The ground level, where he spends the majority of his time, is warm, gently masculine and filled with texture. Upstairs, a playful great room is a welcoming destination for his grandchildren. The result is a cozy haven imbued with light, sunshine and special moments, where he can relax into an environment filled with a lifetime of history and memories.

General Contractor: Greg Nelson Builder, Inc.

Landscape Architect: Michael Yandle 

Photographer: Adam Potts

Stylist: Rachel Forslund

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